September 18th, 2002


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I've had this very giddy day. I'm not really sure why, I've just been silly giggly most of the day. Everything has been funny. Everything has been dealable. I've accomplished things I wanted to get done, found myself with time left over, and used it to do absolutely nothing but find more silly things to feel silly about.
It feels so indulgent.
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Did anyone see Bush attempt to lay some truth on the people yesterday?
From memory he said :
"There's an old saying in Tennessee. Well, it's from Texas, but I'm sure it's in Tennessee too. It's "fool me {long pause with the most baffled, struggling blank look on his face} fool me once, shame on me, you, fool me, shame ... shame." "
And then he launched into something about Saddamn lying, and he's done this before.

He's pissed that he gave an ultimatum for WAR to the UN and it didn't pan out the way he wanted. Saddam is cooperating (becuase murderous tyrant he may be, but he's not an idiot) with weapons inspectors and therefore, under the terms of the bullshit that Bush threw at the UN last week, we will comply with the UN's decisions in the matter.
Until he decides to abandon that and go attack anyway.

He was in such a twist about it. He nearly stomped his foot and had a little fit. I don't think I've ever been more ashamed of a president. I'm just praying for a decent candidate in the next election. And I'm praying that we get there before martial law is declared or this idiot launches on europe en masse. I've attempted to put aside his convoluted, bumpkin in church and therefore ASCEARED talk, I've attempted to give his intelligence the benefit of doubt. But all of his speeches and his bluster this past week (what little I've seen. I'm not much of a tv watcher) have served to cinche it for me.
I really really really loathe this man.

This drug commercial I saw...

Done in a "this is the house that jack built" manner...
This is Stacy. This is the dime bag that Stacy bought. This is the dealer who sold the dime bag to Stacy. This is the supplier who supplied the weed the to the dealer who sold the dime bag that stacy bought. This is the five year old who was hit with a stray bullet from the gun of the supplier and was paralyzed for life.
Drug money supports bad things.

Which to me wasn't an anti-drug ad, but a pro-legalization ad. If it weren't illegal, there wouldn't be a black market on it. Then there would be no need for criminal elements involved in it at all. And then there would be no guns with bullets to stray off and paralyze fictional 5 five year olds in anti-drug ads.

And all of you must drive down here to my store and purchase all of the Endless Sun 'super dark' self tanning lotion that I've moved from one end cap to another all week long. It's good for you. Buy some. It smells like coconuts.