September 26th, 2002


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akadashi, our favorite Irish Canadian has "come out" and admitted to the world at large that he's bi.
hehe.. I don't know wether I want to mock him for thinking anyone would really *care* or mock him for thinking that this wasn't the next logical move on his line of trendiness.
Next he'll decide that the piercings and hair dye aren't all *that* cool and stop doing them in favor of a more laid back-yet jaded, abercrombie/heroin chic look.

or something.
Thanks to ascaechoriel for the link. heh

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I'm ripping apart my room. It's such a mess. If I had another room to put all this stuff in and then rearrange the furniture and put everything back, it would be ideal. But I've already filled the hall with the rubbermaid containers that were stacked in the corner that the futon was moving into. I need to pull off everything that's on top of my stack of ammo boxes and examine just what the hell is in them (because I don't remember) and then there's the storage bags of clothes and blankets to deal with. Once I find a place to put them for the moment, I can clean and rip apart the wall with the bookcase, move everything down (break the bookcase into tiny little pieces) and then build and set up the NEW bookcase and fill it.

I think

But I might have to make enough room for the new bookcase, built and set it, fill it and THEN rearrange everything else...

This is such a mess.
This is what happens when you pack an apartment's worth of furniture, books and random stuff into a 10' by 12' room and then neglect it for several years, allowing the jetsam of your life to settle where it can. It would be different if I were moving or something.. but all the grunt work is just to make it easier to live in this tiny little space.
For now.
but I found my favorite hat. I'll have to take a picture.