October 4th, 2002


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Julia today had a discussion with me about being an area leader and then found out that I was an assistant manager elsewhere and pressed me on the area leader thing, asking if she brought it up or recomended me if I'd be interested.
I said sure, why not? Might as well. heh.
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the DOD ordered 150,000 bottles of sunscreen today. Desert vacations for the troops.
I just hope that this dire need for a war on the part of mister Bush (if the disgusting domestic policy, environmental policy, sheer idiocy and the *incredibly* disgusting way he was "elected" (he wasn't actually elected, ya know) doesn't do it) will convince people not to vote for him again in the next election.
I just hope. A lot.

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Of all the things I never ever thought I'd see... the phrase "Peeps are so bomb"

not short for people... but Peeps.. those disgusting, sugar coated marshmellow things that are just....chewy little creations of pure soul sucking, ass tasting evil.

"Peeps are so bomb" is just wrong on too many levels to deconstruct.
It only could have been worse if she's somehow incorporated the nottaword "shiznitty"

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The phone rang pretty much non stop since about 8:30 this morning. I think I'm going to have unplug the phones in my room (one wall phone, one cordless) if this telemarketter bombardment is going to continue because on days when this crap happens I get *no* sleep.
There's this case right now in norfolk that's pretty horrendous.Collapse )

I'm in a weird mood. Not a bad mood, but not overbubblingly good either. The interrupted sleep didn't help. And I've kind of had a growing sense that maybe I should just... shut up more often. Hard to explain or qualify that.