October 10th, 2002


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I really like thehat's friends list. First of all, he seems to have gathered a group of interesting reads. Some of them are officious. Some of them are sort of flakey. Some of them are arrogant as hell. But all of them are interesting reads in their own ways. The combination lends itself to a lot of hitting "last 20 entries"
And also because some of them (malathion in this case) post some really interesting articles.
Like this:
Former Italian Porn Star Offers Herself to Saddamn.

I remember her term in parliament and the scandal that caused. I didn't realize she was *this* much of a humanitarian, though.
Makes me tear up a little.

Last night I turned on the tv and saw a romantic comedy that was just coming on. I think it's the first one I've ever seen that didn't make me want to take out everyone who was in it and leave me in a hateful funk for a few hours afterward. It was called All Over The Guy (looked it up this morning) and the critical stuff I've read about it is just poo pooing.
"no one actually talks like that."
*I* talk like that. The witty banter, the asides, the frank, blunt comments. People *do* have witty conversations. I have several friends who don't know how *not* to have a witty conversation. The problem is you have to actually have ... wit... to pull it off.
And they're upset at one of the leading men being too attractive, therefore an unbelieveable foil for the less typically attractive, geekier guy. What utter bullshit.
And ya know.. it's his movie... he can cast who he likes. Yes, I'm getting defensive about a gay romantic comdey. Shoosh it.

My mom saw "call intercept" and in some bizarre... fit... ordered it and the mandatory caller ID service too. The unwanted telemarketer calls have dropped at an incredible rate. in the two days it's been functioning.
It's a good good thing.
And it's even more interesting to see that Tim called my house twice yesterday and hung up after listening to the answering machine. Caller ID. It's a beautiful thing, I guess. But in a way.. that's info I didn't really want.
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Goofy Toy that I got from sexyscholar's journal

Gives me things like this:
"Maddening is a fridge magnet! It remembers all of its past actions!"

I got a lil thank you note from Katherine, dedicated college student, the other day.
It said "thank you for all you're help with the clearence endcaps today. Your awesome."

She's not getting her money's worth.