October 30th, 2002


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I was feeling alright when I went into work. A hell of a lot better than I was when I woke up, anyway. And then I discovered that I was working WITH someone. I actually had someone in the area I was assigned. Excellent. And I was in an area I actually liked. Wonderful.
An hour later it turns out that someone didn't show up and I had to take toys/seasonal.
This annoyed me.
And because of my already semi shaky feelings today... this also made me tear up.
Not bad. Nothing I had to run to the bathroom for. Just a little mistiness before I descended into the devastating hell that is two aisles of barbies, an aisle of cars and more Yugi-oh, digimon, and pokemon trading cards than you can steal. More than YOU can steal, but certainly not too much of a challenge for the store's regular children shoppers.
When I'm at work, If you're between the ages of 5 and 25... I *expect* you to steal things. And pretty much, if you're spending too much time in any one place, I figure you're stealing something, no matter what your age.
It doesn't matter to *me* much as I can't approach you if you're stealing. I can hang out near you and try to scare you into dropping what you have, but I can't actually accuse you, insinuate your theft, or tell you to drop the merchandise. And I'll be damned if I'm going to flip out and try to find a security guy (yeah right) in the store to come hunt down this 10 year old for the $3 pack of cards he just stole.

So yeah.
First of all, people are fuckheads.
If you've been in a store shopping for halloween things in the past month, chances are that you, too, are a fuckhead.Collapse )

I'm not actually as angry as I sound.
I've just had a rather lame day working with a lot of people that I don't really click with.

And now I'm downloading Scala. Because the Karl said to.

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I got a santa pez the other day because I was going to make another hitler. They CHANGED SANTA.
Now it's a solid molded piece instead of the pieces you can pop off and they added lil square glasses to the face.

I'm going to have to seek out some place that sells pez, but hasn't updated to the new one. And when I do, I swear I'll buy 50 of them. Enough hitler pez to start a war. ::nods::

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No one mentioned to me that the picture link from the last post wasn't working.
I fixed it now.
Go look at my lil demon man.

and I just heard on the news that Jam Master Jay is dead. He was shot.
I feel really really ... weird about this. Run DMC was supposed to be around forever, right?

I got a package from Ken today. Gift from Ken, mangling of the packaging from the USPS.
I hope there wasn't anything else besides the box (adore the tissue wrappings...) and the lil teeny note. If there was, I didn't get it. (and you know now that I've said that you can say there was just about ANYTHING there)

I wore my hair in ponytails tonight. I feel 10 years younger whenever I do that.
I said "$52.24" more times tonight than that amount has ever been uttered in the history of the world.
GTA: Vice City is out.
We're almost out. I sold 60 copies tonight. There were *4* left in the case and no backstock. And there was no truck tonight.
And NO ONE wanted Tony Hawk 4. ::nods::
I actually tried to get people to buy it... it was a no go.

I want to somehow take a shower, have some ice, drink some coffee, carve a pumpkin and watch Das Boot ... but like... simultaneously.