November 2nd, 2002


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After my hair dried...
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why am I so obsessed with this? because it was a total accident and I like it and it's been a really long time since I've done anything neat to my hair. I feel SEXAAAAY.
hehe.. and stuff.

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I'm looking at these photos that frobisher took in DC... there's not one of them where I have a decent look on my face or my hair isn't out of control sort of bad.
ANd I'm thinking contacts was SO the way to go.

uuuuugly pictures. uuuuuuuuugly pictures.

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In a weird way I sort of miss the days of the drooling fan boy LJ idiots.
At least I got *some* attention...

Heh.. I'm feeling very pouty.

I watched Wheels on Meals the other night (also called Meals on Wheels, depending on the release date), a 1984 Sammo Hung directed movie starring him, Jackie Chan and Biao Yuen. It was just freaking wonderful.
Great fights and the goofiest plot and Sammo Hung is just somehow... loveable. heh.

I also watched Death To Smoochy (great movie. Ed Norton is disturbing though, in his ability to play just about any character entirely believable) and realized that while I like Robin Williams, he's always best in small doses.

And tonight I watched Ghost In the Shell. It would have been nice to have actual actors read the lines in the dubbing instead of the high school drama wanna bes they got. I've seen most of that movie about 100 times, but never the whole thing all at once.
And uh .. yeah ... ::shrug::
But now I see a lot of gibson in it and I see a lot of that movie (imagery wise) in the Matrix.

I'm bored out of my mind. I just want to sit next to someone and watch a movie or flip through channels or talk or listen to music. Earlier I tried to get my mom to watch Death To Smoochy (I thought she might like it) and she fell asleep half an hour in. I stopped the tape and just went back up stairs. She doesn't know that that really annoyed me... but it did.
I'm not angry at her... it just put a really fine point on the empty spaces.

again with the pouting.
I'll blame PMS.

4 people at work mentioned my hair... there's no way you could not notice unless you've never ever looked at me before (which is entirely possible). Two of them basically asked what the hell I'd done to my head. One said she really liked it. The other said "nice hair" and I thought he was being sarcastic. So I replied "yeah, you too," (it was the bald goober) so he told me he'd been serious. oops.

Rhiannon gave me the big "oooh, I think he liiiiiiiiiiikes you..." thing the other night. I kept my mouth shut and just laughed.