November 5th, 2002


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I just feel vaguely ... dirty... about this.
but I just have to say that Jason Statham is unbelievably attractive. I just watched Mean Machine (which is a goofy, silly, contrived very fucking entertaining little movie. And just look at the damned cast list. If you're enamoured of the actors from Lock Stock and Two Smoking barrels, you'll really enjoy watching this movie) and there's a scene with him in a jumpsuit, the top of which is stripped off and tied around his waist and he's heavily tatooed and doing super slow motion tai-chi sort of movies and dear LORD is he just *lickable.*

I don't usually get drooly over the *looks* of people. It's personalities that leave me wobbly. And when I *do* like the way someone looks, it's for some odd feature here and there, some physical quality, maybe just the way their hands are shaped or the way they tilt their head when they talk. And it's never because they're buff, muscled, in shape or generally deemed attractive. I mean... Brad Pitt is really easy on the eyes... but I'd never get drooly about him. But great googly moogly.... Jason Statham is disgustingly attractive.

What's with me and the guys with shaved heads lately?

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I've a cd sitting here with Lucas, Air Liquide, Depth Charge, Download, Emergency Broadcast Network,Johnny L, Laika, and Moonshake on it. At least 5 songs a piece of each group.. some of them are several albums worth... MP3s are beautiful things.

I'm downloading the Hello CD of the Month by Soul Coughing (thank you Karl) and currently the song Sack Full of Puppies.

I feel like death warmed over (but just barely warmed) as I always do when it's bloodiness time.

I actually had a sort-of-conversation the other day with Scott, a cart pusher guy, about menstruation and about how it was less of an affront to his masculinity to work in the feminine hygeine aisle than it was to have to work in the lingerie area.
Because "no one would think he's buying...'these things' ... for himself"
He couldn't even say "tampon". So I kept finding reasons to bring it up, calling it the Blood aisle or the "chick cork" aisle.

because I'm mean. And I amuse myself greatly.

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I voted.
I feel wobbly and out of it and in pain because I'm a chick.
I have to be at work in about an hour.
The only thing I have to look forward to tonight is a hello from the bald man with pretty eyes.
The thought of which makes me nervous about how I look.
Hehehe. i'm a dork.

I'm always disturbed by the number of old white people at the polling places.
I wonder what it takes to become one of the voting people (can't remember what they're called) at the polling places.
I think it would be great to be part of the process, first of all. And I think it would also be groovy to get to sit next to the chick with the fur coat and diamonds on every finger who checks your i.d. on the way in.
And it would be even better to dye my hair 5 colors the day before.

I really dislike the lack of diversity and the fact that I've never ever seen anyone in my age group voting. EVER. It's always middle aged or older people. I know it's not just the disrict becuase I know plenty of young people live here. They just don't care.
I voted for a referendum allowing DNA evidence to be presented as part of an appeal after someone has been sentenced. I voted against a road bond referendum, for an education bond referendum, aaaaaand.. herm.. there were other things... I just don't remember what.

John Warner will keep his seat. Ed Schrock will keep his seat.
But I'd like to think that the independent woman and the green party candidate (neither of them have ever been lawyers unlike ALL the other candidates) will get enough of a segment of the vote that it'll make *some* dent.

Pretty pathetic though that our dem. party is so weak that they ran NO ONE against the republican incumbents.

On an entirely different note, soba noodles are some damned good stuff.

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My Father: "one of these days.. someone is going to offer us a no annual fee, no transfer fee, fixed interest rate of 5 or 6%, and we're going to tranfer over every bill we have. "

So, its obvious that my mother is the one that handles the bills...

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What the fuck is wrong with you Floridians?
Why why why why why did you re-elect that piece of shit Bush? I thought watching him make a mockery of your votes 2 year ago would have been enough to get rid of him... and I've heard hasn't exactly been a wonderful governor besides.
Why why why?

And if you live in Virginia and Voted for John Warner... shame on you.

The green party candidate running for the House against the Republican incumbent (a man who didn't run ads, have big money backers, and little widespread campaigning in the most accepted current mediums) got 17% of the vote.
So he lost really badly... but he got 17% of the vote.

The chick I voted for... got 9%..
The wacko libertarian didn't get enough to end up on the screen.
and that's as it should be.

I'm all for diversity in politics. But I'm not for someone who believes in the repeal of all gun control, the dissolving of public schools, and the eventual dismantling of *all* government in favor of private sector sponsorship of social programs.
Picture it... Welfare! Brought to you by Pepsi!