November 8th, 2002


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A Taxing Woman is a really interesting movie. It's funny and almost a love story and just really really well acted. It's easy to forget that not all asian cinema is chewing the scenery and mugging. I was sort of impressed.
And frustrated, as always, that I have no idea what was on a lot of the pieces of paper, as these weren't translated in the subtitles. Besides that, it's obvious that they're saying so much more than the subtitles are listing. And not just because it's a more wordy, formal language. It's obvious from facial expressions.
SO because I don't speak japanese, I feel like I've missed half the meaning.
But I still really liked it. There was a lot of really interesting camera work that makes me want to see other things from the director (Juzo Itami) and things with the lead actress (Nobuko Miyamoto)

I ended up waking up at around 5 this morning (after only about a half hour of sleep) with cramps so horrible that I was bent double on the way downstairs for drugs and had one of those horrible instant drenched-in-sweat-but-shivering experiences that always remind me just how fucking weird our bodies' reactions to things are. It was one of those "oh my god, i'm bleeding to death" moments. Which I really haven't had since high school, but I think I may have just been disoriented.
This is too much information for most of you... but I'm sure most females have had at least once where they think that... there's just too much blood, something is wrong this time, maybe they should call an ambulance....
Or well, okay... it could be just me.

Anyway, I was up until about 7 because it took that long to medicate and "bizarre posture" and heat pad the pain into submission.
And then I got up this morning and actually did my hair. hehe.

I can't believe it's friday already. Somehow this week went by really really fast. I think because I've been up all night, and sleeping most of the morning.

I've made a weird decision that whoever I marry and have kids with (yeah, it's on the agenda... somewhere down the road when uh .. yeah let's not get into that. depressing) is going to have to agree too or they'll be the guy I *almost* married.
It's about children.
They aren't going to be tv addicts. They aren't going to be babysat by disney movies. They aren't going to want every toy associated with every cartoon on tv. They aren't going to be bombarded by that many commercials and that much bullshit in their formative years. They aren't going to be obsessed with hunks of plastic.
I can't guarantee it, of course, but it's just one of those things that I feel strongly about.
And ya know, chances are that if I do well.... I won't have to worry about it. They can watch all the tv they like and never get obsessed with the shit on the box like *so many* kids do and are allowed to do.

Lookit me... self righteous as usual. heh.
I need to warm up, get dressed, and get to work.

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It's neat watching someone with their priorities all fucked up rant and wail about the most horrible of afflictions to ever blight our land: the smoker.

Apparently the proposition in california making it *illegal* for certain businesses to allow smoking (how wonderful is that?) is getting big hoorays from people who can think of nothing more evil, damning, damaging, and horrifying than being anywhere near a smoker.

Everyone has their peeves. But acting like Christ delivering the Beatitudes becuase the people of California think that adding more laws to the books is always a good thing (and talking about chopping out a huge chunk of people from your life because they smoke, you good good friend you) makes you out as an ass.
I think we need mailers for people like this who have the fervor, the self righteous anger, the need for change... but such a narrow fucking scope and lack of imagination (becuase their pampered little lives have afforded them the luxury of seeing something like *smoking* as one of the great ills of the world) that they become 'cause-heads'... pointlessly protesting without intent or purpose.

hehehe.. I shouldn't read LJ ..