November 9th, 2002


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I said yes to more hours tonight. And failed to pick up my check.
one less day off and a morning shift to boot.
I've been thinking lately about how long it's going to take to save for a car. And then to move. And then to also go to school... so i can actually afford to live once I move... and I'm still moving, dammit.
There certainly isn't anything holding me here. Just making a little money and biding time. It's a depressing exercise, really, and i've decided I need to stop thinking about the time.

There's a new dude at work who I was around for maybe 10 minutes tonight. His name is Joe (we decided the original Joe is now going to be MojoJoeJoe) and I want him dead.
Someone asked him if he'd learned anything tonight. "yeah, I learned that Marie really makes you work! but BOY Is she fun too !"
Larry literally grabbed my shoulder because I was going to rip his still beating heart from his damned dirty twerp chest.

I've pulled muscles in my chest somehow and I can't stop flexing my arms and making the muscles twinge.
Yes, I picked scabs as a kid too.

usually my own.

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I've either got a cavity or the filling that the dentist put in last time is acting up. Feels like someone is poking something sharp right into the center of my tooth. Warm beverages make it hurt more. cold beverages make it hurt more (severely cutting into my usual ice eating habits). chewing anything makes it hurt more...

I'm going to have to go to the damned dentist. This isn't going to wait until the middle of december for the scheduled cleaning.

3 different men at work, who have *nothing* to do with each other, have on seperate occasions called me "trouble."
When Mike did it last night I pointed this out to him and asked him what the deal was.
He insisted that it must just be something in my face.
Next thing I know I'm the center of a 4 way debate on wether I look innocent or naughty or some variation thereof.
None of them pointed out the obvious... that I looked *embarassed*.