November 16th, 2002


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I covered all of softlines today for a few hours. Then it was 4 of us with only 3 other people in the rest of the store (well... 3 other people covering the floor.. there were lots of cashiers and Thom was guarding them jealously). So I was busy. BUSY LIKE A FOX!

I'm exhausted so I'm glad I don't have to go in early tomorrow.
I love the movie "Stranger Than Paradise."
John Lurie is jazz on feet, bebe. rrrrowrr.
I just got back from the video joint where I returned and got a refund on those dvds (and the chick didn't even LOOK at them. And I bet she doesn't damage them out, just puts them back on the damned shelf) that were all screwed up. And I rented some nice safe VHS tapes. I'll just sign up for netflix. The dvd player came with a free month. So .. uh .. WOOHOO!
But I picked up:
Kung Pow: Enter The Fist
My First Mister
Strange Relations (which pops up as "My Beautiful Son'... a tv
Snake In The Eagle's Shadow
Tatie Danielle

None of which I know anything about except Kung Pow, and that's only because Karl is a silly man who says "eeeeOOooeeeOOooEeeeOOoo" a lot.
My reasons... My first mister: leelee sobieski and albert brooks. How fuckin weird is that?
Strange Relations: I'd never heard of it and it says something about an insane family on the front.
Snake in the eagle's shadow: it's Jackie Chan and I *think* this might be the one I saw, but have never found again, that had him sent on a quest to protect and combine four sacred forms of kung fu. There was a chick with a flute who beat the shit out of him in it and it's remained one of my favorite of his fight scenes. But even if this isn't this.. hey, Jackie Chan.
And Tatie Danielle... the tagline is: " You haven't met her yet, but she hates you already." That's all me bebe.
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I've had too much caffiene. I'm way too damned talky.
Haaaaaaaaaaaappy talk, keep talking happy taaaaaaaaalk. Talk about things you liiiiike to doooo... you gotta have a Dreeeeeeeeeeeeam if you don't have a dreeeeeeeeeeam... how you gonna have a dream come truuuuuue?

yeah. long night ahead. BE THANKFUL I RENTED MOVIES, PEOPLE.

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notice that most of what I've posted about in the last two months has been work related?
did ya wonder why the hell I was obsessing on all these inane things and had nothing to say about anything else?
or uh... was that just me?

I'm going through older entries and all I've done for months is bitch about work. Where the hell did I go? I went where miserable people who still have to breath go. And well, I'm tired of only bitching about work.

fear the holly.