November 18th, 2002


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A guy yelled down an aisle of the store last night that he loved me.
Because I found a copy of Lord of the Rings (the 4 disc set without all the extra crap) hidden behind something just as we were closing. He took it with him up to the check outs, said thanks, you rock, kick ass.... then as he was walking past a price scanner he double checked that it was the right one and turned around and yelled "I LOVE YOU!" down the aisle at me. His friend turned around and giggled.
Hehe... happy geeky boys are so cute sometimes.

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When people come to the door I look through the peephole. When it isn't the mailman or someone I know (and want to talk to) I won't answer. That's just how it is.
When the person at the door is carrying a clipboard and looks to be wearing a nametag, I sure as hell won't answer.
When that person rings the doorbell another 4 times and opens the screen door to bang on the door, I get freaked out and a little angry.

I just flung open the door and screamed "WHAT THE *FUCK* DO YOU WANT?!" at a kid selling magazines subscriptions for his school. And he STILL tried to cajole me into a subscription.
people always amaze me.

me no fear the reaper, there aint no pleasin me, no keeping sweeter....

Hey, I'm looking for bizarre flash thingies that are funny and weird.
I've posted lots of them before, but now I can't ding dangity find them. Like the with the song about the ham or the other one with pee wee in it... you know what I mean, dammit.
Or well... other ones that I might not have seen.

stuff like Peanut Butter Jelly Time

I'm sitting her goofing off online waiting for Sam to make an appearance. I even downloaded yahoo messenger.
Yep, Sam is that cool.
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