November 21st, 2002


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I may be really fucking cool...
But I just can't compete with a panty-clad chick spanking herself in her user icon.

Just like I can't compete with the hot chick tease who whines that no one respects her for her mind.
Pooooor little hot chick. ::nods::

The hair on the left side of my head is doing the mary tyler moore flip thing.
The hair on the right is not. I don't really have the time or patience to straighten it out.

Tomorrow is a day off.
Which is just soooooo good.
Today, I have no idea what the hell I'm going to work on. But I'll have to come up with *something* becuase this coffee isn't helping and I'm still thinking about hitting my snooze this morning and how incredibly good my bed felt.


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- The smell of chocolate+spearmint+bubble gum+sour apple+'sour blue raspberry' make for a queasy morning.
- I think Neil is a sadist.
- I'm not feeling particularly social toward the people I normally feel social toward.
- I'm tired of just trying to come up with things to say
- I'm just plain tired.
- Coffee is dripping.
- I have to watch some movies tonight. They're due back soon.
- I'm off tomorrow.
- I severly fucked up my knee today
- None of this waranted a list... but I just can't be bothered with anything else.
- Not that you really needed the 'nothing' update either.
- If I keep it up, I'll just delete this.


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hehe... the best review for The Young Master (directed by and staring Jackie Chan) on netflix is this:

It is the one disappointed movie. I only see too much funny parts in this movie. The story is poor and worst adaptive characters. The last fight between Jackie Chan and the thief is NOT suitable fight between low level (Jackie-Chan) and high level kung-fu (the thief). But it turned around let Jackie Chan win as a joke! If the real fight; Jackie Chan is as egg against the rock. bad! bad! If you like funny movie. It is the one; but you like real kung-fu Jackie-Chan movie; it is NOT.

"that scene... it paahrfeckt..... seetea hanturr"

So apparently Jackie has started reviewing his own movies.

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I just 'rented' every Jackie Chan movie (cept the ones I've seen, jackie chan: my story, and the bruce lee story) that netflix has available.

And their other kung fu suggestions have me intrigued. I'm nearly *giddy* about the available movies, people. I just cannot BELIEVE the selection.
Yesterday, I had 4 movies in my queue. Now I have 58. Flat rate of $20 a month and shipping that doesn't cost you anything.
Rock the fuck on.