November 24th, 2002


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mmkay... uhm.
I think that aim is starting up on its own whenever I open outlook. That's uh... weird. yeah.

Brandon is officially the most annoying creature I know and my number one reason why men are just not worth it. Especially men my age.
They're all idiots, 15 year olds, or idiotic 15 year olds. He actually made a point of calling me a dork at every opportunity, hitting me with stuff, and it just got worse if he was around other little dumb boys. Because he's one of those guys who has to not only be the center of everyone's attention, but they have to be the standout in any crowd of guys. The biggest, goofiest, loudest, most 'jokey'...

Now I get goofy and silly... but it's in a very mellow way. I never found it charming when the boys had to wrestle and I still don't.

Oh yeah .. and because I think his music sucks (and I've refrained from making it personal... I've said I dislike the stuff he listens to... not that he's a trendy, inane shmoe, incapable of independent thought) he's gotten very defensive about that.
Since I don't like *his* music, he's decided that I'm just going out of my way to be different.
If he brought up ANYTHING that wasn't mall metal, pseudo-punk, or pop music pablum I'd be more than willing to reasses my opinions on his taste.

This dude has just managed to boil down and put a very fine point on several of the reasons I don't get along with the average person.

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I think I mentioned The Awful Dr. Orlof.
Tom loved that movie, but I never got to see it because we could never find it.
I saw it the other night and I understand why he loved it. Not because it's wonderful.. not because it has some standout art about it like some of the impressionist black and white stuff he liked. It's not really extraordinary in any way... not really.
There are a lot of peculiar long shots, the lighting is really well done and the story isn't the same old thing, so I was suprised by its inventiveness...
But really... it's just another 'euroshock' movie.
Though, at the same time... there's just something about it. There's something about it that I don't think I could explain that makes it wonderful. I've taken off a lot of the blinders regarding Tom. I'm finally out that other side of things where I don't grieve him all the time in some small way. So seeing this movie now instead of awhile back was a lot better for me.. hehe..
And it let me miss him without falling apart over it.

I watched fight club with the screenwriter and chuck palanhiuk commentary on last night. Pretty damned interesting, I think.
It's so weird to hear his voice. He sounds just like what I expected him to... without ever realizing I had an expectation. And it's neat to see what his favorite lines are.
I got up to "Tyler's not here, Tyler's gone, Tyler went away" before I had to sleep.
Tonight I'm sure I'll be up again way too late as I don't have to work until late in the day. And then I have to open the next day... so yeah, I might as well fuck up the sleep schedule a lot while I can, ya know? hehe.

I'm going to be exhausted anyway... I might as well just do what I want to do.

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-I can't get my mail today.
-my father is hanging something in the kitchen and being the Expert and the Asshole and the Bumbling Assistant all in one.
-I had dreams about asking someone to curl up and sleep with me. And they did without hesitation or excuses why they couldn't. It was great.
-I want some coffee now.
-the audio commentary is all of it really cool... but you can see the odd man out is definitely helena bonham carter. Not just for her nationality... but that she's a really serious actress and I don't think there's even one bit in her commentary where she isn't being entirely dry about the whole thing from an actor's standpoint, and the philiosophies involved and yadda yadda. Brad insinuates the cock is Fincher's ... Ed Norton bitches about the critics claiming it was a fascist movie...Fincher rattles on about certain cgi shots... helena says it was really hard to stay fresh in her role and to take her cues from Fincher about how marla was...
blah blah blah.
- I'm sick of dumb little boys.
-My mother I think just read all of this over my shoulder. Great.
- I need the hell out of here.

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Okay.. yeah ... when I'm in a sort of morose, not with it kinda mood (like today... I haven't been up long so once I get to work I'm sure I'll be fine...) it's absolutely the worst thing you can do to follow me from room to room babbling at me about things you KNOW DAMNED WELL I don't care about.
Great dad. Laser level. woohoo.
Wow mom. Really... Tiger shrimp? great!

And it's only becuase they're both here and they hate each other.