November 29th, 2002


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At 7 am, I thought... hey.. this won't be so bad...
After about an hour of hellaciousness, I looked down at my watch and realized that only 10 minutes had passed.

The line of people trying to get to the games and the cameras reached from the electronics area I was in to almost the front doors. That's several hundred feet, easily. I didn't move from the boat all day except for one 15 minute break and one 1/2 lunch.

It was fairly putrid. They actually *ran* into the store. They ran.
They'd been lining up for an hour in the below freezing weather and then they *ran* into the store. I'm so glad I'm not closing tonight. That's a mess I don't want to fix.

All next week I'm scheduled mornings except a night where I close (and since we're open til eleven, I could be there until midnight or later cleaning up). I have to wonder if I pissed someone off or if it's just one of those "open schedule" things.
I really need to look at the info packet for the health benefits and I *really* need to order more contacts.
I've been wearing this set of 2 week contacts for more like 5.

recommend movies to me, please?
Especially the more iconoclastic amoungst you.(you know who you are). Movies you either love and want to share or hate and want to inflict.
Or well, somewhere in between is okay too.
I've already got a healthy (and ever growing) list from Karl.
But there's always room for more.

I'm hoping I can manage to find most of them on netflix. And if not... there's always Naro Expanded Video.

The Naro only charges $6.50 for an evening show... only shows a few movies at a time.. has ONE theatre (with a balcony) and an actual projectionist (who I think got honestly pissed off whenever someone managed to get the toilet paper to hang from the ceiling fan in the middle of the audience during Rocky Horror. It would hang in front of the projection for the rest of the night).
I miss going there.