December 9th, 2002


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Looking at what I need to do in order to get a cable connection... the only sticking point (besides needing to get and install a NIC .. but that's not a problem) is this: "You will need your Operating System's Disk/CD (i.e. Windows 95, Macintosh 8.5, etc) during the time of installation. "

I'm pretty sure that the only copy of a windows CD I had (still in plastic, wrapped with the book) I either gave to someone or I gave them the registration code from it.
I don't really remember, and I have no idea where the hell it is if I do still have it.

Those of you who've gotten high speed cable stuff.... is that really all that important?

Oddly enough the system requirements aren't all that much. they require a pentium, 32mb of RAM, 510mb of hardrive space, a sound card, a video card, and a NIC or open USB port. That's it.
So by the end of the week, I plan on having ordered and have it in the works.

Last night I did a stupid thing in my game. I finally won the freakin race I was in, got the guy to join the gang, got some more training and then promptly DIED. WITHOUT SAVING AFTER THE RACE.
I distinctly remember reminding myself to save before I did anything else and that's exactly what I failed to do. grar.