December 10th, 2002


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I have a few things to say about my day at work yesterday.

1- Red Pinecone.
2-Number nine on the LRT menu is "Proof of Concepts"
3-no, they aren't working me too hard, smug prick.

A few things about this morning thus far.

1-Bargaining with yourself when you've already hit the wrong button never works.
2- 400 messages is just a lot of spam.
3- I know I wore it yesterday. It served me well and is having an encore.
4- Free will astrology's horoscope this week just blew my mind... "On December 9, 1793, Noah Webster created New York's first daily newspaper, and you're about to upgrade your ability to communicate. "

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I don't want to go out to dinner becuase... well... it's going out to dinner with my *parents*. And having to endure my father in public is the last thing I want. Besides that, I'm incredibly exhausted.
So I think we'll just pick something up from somewhere or have something delivered. I dunno.

My sister gave me a $25 gift card for borders (I loathe that store) but I'm sure I'll find something there. And I can use it online, so I won't have to actually go *into* a borders.
I didn't expect anyone to say happy birthday today at work. But it still dissapointed me.
The basic thing is... I know who cares. I know who doesn't. I know who likes to pretend they do. So the actual saying doesn't matter much. It just depresses me. ::shrug::

So... status quo on the birthday.

My sister said in the card "happy quarter century"

heh.. yeah .. fuck her too.