December 13th, 2002


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I'm wearing tight, ass-alicious jeans.
So tight and ass-alicious that I changed from the thin, clingy shirt I was in into a more bulky sweater thing because the cling line from the small of my back down was nearly *embarassing*.
No, really.
If I were going out to draw attention to myself or something, then okay, yeah.
But I'm just going to the store for my check.

I'm wearing trendy girl pants. They're bootcut and junior sized, a little faded .. buttonfly and super low rise. Only three buttons for the fly and front pockets almost deep enough to carry chapstick.
Jeans like this aren't made for chickies like me.
But I'm wearing them anyway, gaddammit.

I have a check to pick up, a few other thingies to get for gifts, and then I have to come back here and work on cards .
Next week I'll bake, send off stuff, probably have to bake again for the few people at work who are getting cookies...

Way too busy along with my work schedule being way too busy.

(no subject)

I picked up my schedule. I'm off sunday.
Had I KNOWN THAT, I wouldn't be here right now. I would have headed north. They just *gave* me friday, saturday and sunday off. That will probably never ever happen again.
Of course, in exchange I'm working monday through thursday, 6 am to 2:30... but it's another 40 hour week and it's a good good thing. I'm torturing my transportation... I'm battling my own diurnal cycle... I'm hating being exhausted... But I'm thinking that maybe the benefits outweigh the bad points. I'm not closing. I don't have to worry so much about reshop and making the zone perfect. I'm not actually in the usual flow of people on the floor... I can get away with some wandering.

deposited almost $400 too. Sad that it was only *almost* and that that was from 2 weeks of work... but $400 is $400.
Makes me feel a little better about my christmas shopping. I still have my brother, my mom and my Karl to take care of... and a few little things here and there for others...

I just spent about $200 on my necies.
This is one of the reasons I fear for the days when I have kids.
OH the money I will spend on them.