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December 27th, 2002

- I finally got around to fixing the pictures in that last post. so go behold the pooping santa
- One more day of the 4-12:30 schedule, then a day off, then back to the 6- 2:30 schedule.
- I'm sort of sporadically cranky today.
- my storey manager is a dick.
- my connection is sucking today
- apparently energy drinks+coffee+caffeine pills = very sleepy Holly
- remind me not to rub my eyes. I touched wasabi a lil bit ago.
I was just reminded of this a bit ago...
There are lots of vendors in the store. The Coke rep, the Pepsi rep, Frito-Lay, and Krispy Kreme all stock on a daily - weekly basis. There are also duracell, energizer, maybelline, l'oreal, covergirl, carlton cards, nintendo, xbox, sony who are there less often, but are still people you get to recognize and say hi to.
The pepperidge farm vendor was this really damned cool guy. Youngish, affable, sweet. He'd go out of his way to help you with YOUR work and besides just being nice, he was funny to boot.
I've had many conversations with him, both work related or not.
When setting the cartwell area the other day for the new sales season, one of the endcaps was plannogrammed as nothing but varieties of goldfish crackers.
Keith said that he wondered who'd be doing that since the vendor died.
I thought he was joking.
But no... the really damned great pepperidge farm vendor guy had a heart attack and died on christmas eve.

It's not really my instinct to jump right in and get to know people. I'm a very social person... but I'm also shy as all hell. But I've gotten a lot better about that. He was one of the first "hey, there's that guy *again*" types at the store that I made conversation with.
Now... is it better that I know he was a really damned cool guy... or would it have been better to have no idea?
I dunno.


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