January 9th, 2003


OOOH the giggling.

I got dragged shopping. My mother bought just about everything that I even INTIMATED that I liked so I just stopped looking at anything.
guilt guilt guilt.

I got my "I *heart* cock" shirt the other day. Good stuff.

I'm rooting for the deaths of the main characters in this R.L. Stein book much the same way I rooted for the pain PAIN PAIN of Catherine in Wuthering Heights. Becuase she was a cunt. And she got what she deserved. I never understood why that was a tragic love story. Rich little bitch tortures shy ne'er to well throughout childhood. Then falls in love with him. Then, about the time she convinces him that she *isn't* going to torture him more and he vocalizes the love he's been helplessly in the grasp of his entire life, she marries for money and lives right down the road, the shadow of her grand house falling over Heathcliff's humble shack every day of his life.
Then she dies.
And she fucking deserved it. Cept with more pain. And maybe lasers.

Can someone please put a bullet in Eminem's head? Please? He's just Marshall Mathers and he's cleaning out his closet. And apparently, he's sorry about it, momma.

I cannot get the new Missy Elliot song out of my head.
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Yep. Lovely interlude.

And I bought UHF on DVD today. For 9 bucks. ::nods:: That's the ONLY reason it was purchased. Everything else is just going onto a list and hopefully by the time I can afford to buy some of them, they'll still be around.
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