January 11th, 2003


I am devistatingly interesting. yesh.

My stomach muscles feel taught and tender from all the coughing. It was particularly bad yesterday. I'd start coughing and wouldn't be able to stop. Not high throat coughing either. Deep, painful sounding, chesty coughs. The ones I associate with Bronchitis and pneumonia.
I got cough medicine stuff. I really hate taking medications for things. It's going to sound weird... but I'd much prefer things to just take their course and go away on their own. Part of that stems from it being rare that a medication really makes me see a marked difference in the way I feel. Unless we're talking about a pain killer, no thanks, I'll just tough this out.
Yes, painkillers get their own category. I realize it's medication... but it's medication that has a nearly immediate effect. So it's different in my estimation from just about any other sort.

Anyway, I get cough syrup (isn't there some sort of drug legend thing that goes along with robitussin? Some weird ingredient that you have to drink like... 30 bottles to get enough of to do whatever it is it does? Gonna have to go look on erowid.) and some cough drops.
I got made fun of for quite awhile on the phone with Dave. Because he was being a shit about me smoking. Which I hadn't done that day, and I'd only had one cigarette the day before. But noooooooooooooo that's not good enough for him. Nope. uh uh.
Anyway, I get off the phone, spend about an hour tossing in bed, coughing too much to sleep and then ended up sleeping until fucking NOON becuase no one wakes me up.
And now I have a horrible headache.

Long story short, I don't really NEED to do crunches. I've got my lung infection to keep the stomach muscles in good working order.

edit: How the hell could I forget that robitussin is a delivery system for DMX? DMX: the idiot's high.

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I've this book called "Century" by Phaidon books.
It's a collection of photography that depicts the last 100 years. Not just american years either, like so many anthologies do.
Reading through it, most of the pictures are of disasters, destruction, pain, horrible conditions, inhumanity and suffering, war and degredation. Happy stuff, for sure, but I realized that I don't know much of anything about some of the things depicted.
Even things that happened during my lifetime.
Why don't I know exactly what happened during the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia? Why don't know I know about the Londonderry Riots? The US supported supression of rebels in Guatemala? I know about Che Guarava, but why not more about what he really did and wanted? Why am I so awfully uneducated about these things?
First of all, none of this was ever mentioned in high school. Our history and government classes never covered these things. I know all about the Teapot Dome scandal, but I know nothing about Bloody Sunday.

So I think I'm going to start educating myself about things I should already know.
Hopefully I'm jaded enough that I won't start hating people anymore than I already do.

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The pictures may bite ass.
They may prove to me that I should never ever pick up a camera again ever in my life.
But dear LORD did I love running around taking pictures with the Holga.

Makes me want a Lomo so much more than I already did.
and I want the photos devloped now now now now, dammit.
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This isn't a plug. It's a love letter.

Listen to tech radio tonight.
It's not just a broadcast of a bunch of geeks sitting around talking about tech and geek issues. It's so very much more.
It's drama and intrigue and humor and suspense.
It's tender and deep.
It's impactful.
It's a calm center of meaning and truth in our rumbling cacophonous world.
It's the full range of human emotions expressed through the dulcet tones of these four (sometimes five) young pioneers of entertainment-info-radio.
It's the occasional dick and fart joke.

Listen *Tonight* 5-7 pacific, 8-10 eastern on CNet radio.
If you're in the San Francisco/San Jose area you can also listen on CNet radio's 910 AM.
And yet ANOTHER option is to listen on XM sattelite radio channel 130.

Feel free to join the chat on their site (java required).
Or, you can connect via IRC.
Server: chat.hosting4u.net
port: 7000
channel: #techradio

Or call in! Show them the love by dialing 1-866-448-5720. I can't promise they won't bite. But chances are good that they won't *drool*. And that's always a good thing, right?

If you've listened to the show and have something (anything) to say to the guys, email them at geeks@techradioshow.com. They like mail. A LOT. It's uhm... sort of creepy really.

If you've dug the show and you want to make me a happy girl, you can email CNet with your glowing praise at radio@cnet.com
And you can always CALL Cnet and let them know that you like/love/adore/want to do dirty things to the show at: 1-866-700-CNET(2638)