January 24th, 2003


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So I somehow ended up working about 13 hours today.
I wasn't here for two days at the beginning of the week, and one day at the end of last week. Having just picked up two paychecks where I somehow only have 32 hours, the lack of 8 hours fucking *hurts*. The last two days there hasn't been enough to do to justify staying, and I've been exhausted.
Today I was just as exhausted (woke up with 15 minutes to get ready and to work becuase I am 'second wind at 10 pm' girl this week), but I've got the weekend off, so what the hell.
But not having eaten (yes, I know how bad that is. But I didn't plan ahead and I'm too broke to justify taking out cash for food), I really started to drag after 4 o'clock. So what should have taken a much shorter amount of time ended up taking another 3 hours. Then I got into a conversation with a guy in the backroom about fucked up relationships while I was organizing things so they'd make sense to the people who'll come in to see things in the middle of being done.
Apparently he thinks he's had fucked up relationships.
I'll let ya know... he has no earthly idea of what he speaks.
Basically what I got out of it was that he has problems letting go of chicks he dated as a teenager.

So, taking out the lunch period and adding in the time spent talking in the backroom, I worked from 6am to just about 7pm on an hour sleep and no food.
The upshot of all of which is that I really wish there was a Papaya King around here because I've been wanting another hot dog all day. Yep. You read that correctly. I'm massively craving a hot dog. Actually, I'm just craving all sorts of meaty foodstuffs.
I could deal with some Five Guys right now too.
Or a philly cheese from King Chef.
Right now I want a huge stack of pancakes. And huevos rancheros. And black eyed peas and rice. And grits.
and veggie rolls with a LOT of wasabi.
and pot stickers.
And those steamed chilled basil chicken spring rolls from that Thai place.
And Bamee Tso Tofu.

And an avacado.
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