January 25th, 2003


I want you to hit me as hard as you can

Because I can't get that fucking Dashboard Confessional song out of my head.

Working where I was in the store yesterday I was directly behind the wall o'dvds, which has 3 televisions at the top of it. These tvs are linked into the back wall tvs so they all run the same in store bullshit on a loop. The loop can't be much longer than about 15 minutes, massive list of new releases on dvd included. So I heard the same songs over and over.
The upshot of which is a bunch of songs I don't like, performed by people I couldn't name, on a rotating, 1 minute clip cycle in my head. The Lil Romeo song is always followed by a Sugarcult song. The Nora Jones song is always followed by Dashboard Confessional, which is always followed by Okay Go, which is always followed by that "Just Breath" song that was used in a car commercial and which I can't stop associating with that car commercial.

Throw in more horrible 'rap' music, a few 'punk' songs from 'bands' like New Found Glory and Good Charlotte and pepper it all with the annoying 'VJs" chats about this crap ("their second release is called "Precious", which the band assures you, it is anything but") and you've basically summed up all that I hate about pop music.

At least they stopped playing the Eminem 8 mile soundtrack so much.
OH for the days of Las Ketchup every 4th song, eh?

Heh. Looking up some of these songs in the hope that it would banish them, I found Dashboard Confessional lyrics submitted by L1mPb1zk1tLvR@yahoo.com
hehe. How amazingly HAAARDCOOOORE of them. And I've realized that they play this song in its entirety in the store. And whoever this fan is has misquoted a lot of it and mispelled even more.
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It isn't the vapid, trite lyrics. Though those are pretty damned bad. It's the pre-adolescent whine of the lead singer.
Apparently "squeaky" = "emotional and evocative"
Fucking emo bullshit.

It reminds me of the song that Jason adopted as his theme song when I broke his heart. Again. Still, always. Whatever.
When he and I got together I told him that since I was his first big relationship, he would end up hating me. Score one for me, unfortunately.
I had a few friends around this time who were into local punk stuff (not that there's much of it) and into the sort of punk music I pretty much hate. They knew this song and if I mentioned a guy at all they'd say "the red letter day guy?" in massively mocking tones. Partly because they met him, they knew what was up, they knew who I was and how... inappropriate this song was in reference to me and the breakup.

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man I hate emo.

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Tonight is the *last* (for now) TechRadio Show.
Yep, that's right. The very last one (for now).
Cnet has decided that its foray into internet radio is a financial bust and so they'll be pulling the plug on the venture. Which means that all the shows you listen to on Cnet (TechRadio and the crap I suffer through five minutes of on either side of it) will be going away if they aren't syndicated elsewhere.
Aside from David Lawrence, I'm not sure which other ones may be. I know Desmond Crisis is already looking for a new gig.
So the fat, officious, lame-guy-with-a-ponytail, dork, with his interminable, self-aggrandizing intro will still be around, playing it like a pimp from his home studio.
Lucky you.

Last week when I was there answering the phones I know that at least two people from LJ-land were listening and called in (thank you, Alicia. No thank you, Dave). I don't know about any others. If you've been listening, or you listen to this one.. let me know.

So, listen to the goodness that is TechRadio. For the last time (for now).

It's TONIGHT and ONLY TONIGHT (for now)
5-8pm PST, 8-10pm EST
Listen on Cnet radio
If you're in the San Francisco/San Jose area your Cnet station is 910AM
You can also catch the show on the incredible XM radio, channel 130

Join the chat and share in the audience goodness.
On the site (java required)
Or on IRC.
Server: chat.hosting4u.net
Port: 7000
Channel: #techradio

You should also *call* the show. It's your last chance (for now) and they're clearing out all their prizes tonight. I dunno exactly what they're giving away, but hey, free games. Plus, Kelly gets lonely in his little room. Call and let him know that your thoughts are with him.
The number is 1-866-448-5720.

And as always, you should write to them at: Geeks@techradioshow.com
Tell them how much you dig the show. Tell them how you're going to cry yourself to sleep every saturday night now that it's not around. Tell them all your super secret, inside info deals on do-it-yourself radio distributorship. Ask them their mailing address so you can overnight the cashier's check you've got all written out for them.Tell them how dreamy they are.
They enjoy the feedback a LOT.
Make them happy. They deserve it.
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Listening to Beat Spectrum

Listening to the lowfi verion of Beat Spectrum (hiFi version here for you broadband people).
Both the streams pull from the same cache of music, both on random, but not synched. So if your connection is capable of it and you don't dig what's playing on one, chances are good that something completely different is playing on the other.
For instance, while I was writing these down I saw My Bloody Valentine, Boom Boom Satellites, Ultra, Meat Beat Manifesto and PJ Harvey have cycled through on the broadband server.
And since I haven't pimped the server in awhile (like it needs it, the big sexaaay thing that it is) I thought I'd do so.
Plus, this helps me remember shit I hear and love so I can download more of it later.
This is written down as I hear it. Random is a beautiful thing. Especially when you go from honestly INTERESTING mellow moody funky stuff into Skip motherfuckin James.
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