January 30th, 2003


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A geek in the store today informed me that I have 'hobbit eyes'
I kept waiting for him to be really creepy or leering or say something horribly inappropriate. But no. He asked me where to find The Lord of the Rings, I took him over to it (because it's hard to describe exactly where it's at), and he kept talking to me. Asked if I'd seen it, what I'd thought and then laughed and told me I had hobbit eyes. After I laughed, I said maybe he'd just seen the movie too many times and he allowed that that was a strong possibility. Then he told me he was getting this copy for a friend of his who'd never seen it, and he just doesn't think that not seeing it should be allowed. heh.
And then he thanked me, told me to have a good day and headed off.

Besides that rare, non creepy encounter with a male, I also caught attitude from some chick for not realizing that her standing 20 feet away from me, looking in the opposite direction meant that she needed help. I was also hugged by this really strange old lady, just for showing her where the popcorn poppers are.

I was talking to Steve this morning and he said something about one of the cleaning guys, referred to him as "the chinese guy."
I said "He's Korean."
and he replied that there's no way in hell to tell them all apart. I said that there's a huge difference in the way a Korean person looks and sounds compared to a Chinese person. His response was just to shrug, say he didn't care, and start making "ching chong chuaaa!" "chinese noises"
People disgust me.

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Courtesy of Karl:

Props to Alicia:
Months ago you mentioned that the gilette venus razor was the best thing ever. Due to leaving behind a razor on my last trip north (sorry bout that, Karl. You can throw that away), I was in dire need of one. DIRE NEED of one. I haven't had a leg shave in almost 2 weeks and with the wintery dry skin.. it wasn't pleasant.
Anyway, I bought one of these razors today. It really IS the best razor ever ever.
I was just shocked.
I think everyone should go buy one of these and go shave stuff.

Shout out to my idiosyncracies:
It's been brought to my attention before, but it bears pointing out that I tend to shed things. I leave coats, razors, socks, jewelry, pens, stuffed animals, articles of clothing... nipple rings... in my wake.
Dunno why this happens, but even if it's just something I've moved in the room I tend to leave my print on a place. While that's interesting in a psychic impression sort of way, it's bad news if I ever become a ninja.

on a totally different note, em-oh-en-kay-ee-why.
you know what I mean.
Don't pretend ya don't.