February 3rd, 2003


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It's amazing to me that the New York times can somehow squeeze a two page article out of "more people are looking toward buying funeral supplies online", but gives me not even a full page on how Key3Media Group is about to file for bankruptcy protection.
I guess the funeral supplies one has more of a human interest angle as it may very well put some local funeral homes in a pinch?

Just picture the steely eyed, hardned, world weary editor... swathed in smoke, screaming at the young new reporter guy to "get me an angle! the human drama!" hehehe

I slept really oddly last night. I never really got into deep sleep, I think. Seems like I was more or less just laying there with my eyes closed all night. Vaguely aware, vaguely nervous. It was anxiety sleep for *no* reason at all. The only thing I was worried about... was getting enough sleep. heh.

I did a little cleaning/rearranging of my room last night because it was beginning to make me a crazy person. I discovered that I still have no clue where my little book of phone numbers is (probably a good thing, really), I've lost all the phone numbers given to me in the last few weeks, and gaDAMN I keep some weird shit.

I'm going to have to download the TechRadioShow for this week, I guess. It wasn't broadcast, but they did make use of XM's studios and go ahead and record another net only show.
The crew of intrepid heros on this broadcast was Ken, Kenny and Kelly (nearly all of the K's).
If YOuuuuuuuu would like to download it as well (oh and I think you do, schnookums) you can grab it here.

(Looking at the page... it seems they actually ... discussed things. Freaky)

By the way, if you're an LJ freak, you can still stay updated on what's going on with the show by keeping your eyes on techradioshow

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-Joe dropped a cactus on Rhiannon by accident today and we spent about 45 minutes picking needles out of her arms. Then I freaked her out by telling her that the needles we can't get out will just work into her body and stay there forever. Unless she's allergic, in which case her body will reject them in the form of infection filled pustules. That was fun.
-I've been home from work for about an hour and I'm already so incredibly bored that I want to cry.
-In the space that I now have on my floor I'm going to start doing pilates. I *enjoy* all the stretching.
-I'm done with all my work for the week. On monday. yup.
-I'm thinking of getting a second job.
-I hope the federal government is speedy on the tax return.
-I've no idea why I put this in list form.


Things to thank Karl's Server for:
(these are things I'd either heard nothing of, or had weird opinions of. These are all things I now love some or all of.)
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And I suggest you all stop listening to that lame, top 40, trendy, over processed bullshit you call music and use this as a list of where to *start* in seeking out something new.
Well, most of you. Some of you have excellent, wonderful, varied, open minded tastes in music.

I'll stop being preachy now.