February 7th, 2003


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I just saw Two Towers with my brother. He's seen it before, but wanted to see it again. He knew I'd been planning to see it, so he just sort of... told me... that we were going to go today.
The annoyance in having to put off some plans was made up for.
The most amazing thing about both of the LOTR movies has been that even after sitting through *3 hours* of film, at the end you're always left with the "guh! that's IT?!" feeling.
Again, the visuals are incredible. Again, the animation is wonderful. Again, I'm *so* utterly impressed by so much of this.

And to quote Karl, they should just call this series of movies "Fuck George Lucas"

But I'm left wondering some things about people...
How could you LAUGH at some of the things they laughed at?
And do people actually go to the movies for the purpose of chatting?

I forgot to tell my brother that the movie he couldn't remember the name of, the one that was animated and about alien ghosts... it was Final Fantasy.

I have an incredible amount of things on my mind.
I'm really worn out today from hauling down boxes literally as big as me (and thankfully only about 1/4 as heavy) from the over 20' high sections of shelves. I'm not really fond of ladders, ya know.
I pulled a muscle in my *forearm*.
I feel too *tired* to do the looking stuff up stuff I need to do. I think I might have to resort to some coffee. I have the whole weekend, but the day will feel like a waste if I don't get *something* accomplished. And my sister will be here this weekend. So right there my chances of getting stuff done are greatly decreased.

Bah, rambly, tired.
Coffee, change of clothes.

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What the FUCK?
This is a recent post from the journal of someone I briefly listed as a friend (until I got into a big ol argument with him and called him a bunch of names over his really nasty, full of himself attitude)
I'm not giving a name becauseI just don't feel like starting one on one lj drama, but it *isn't* Dlbags, in case you're wondering.
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