February 15th, 2003


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Web Magazine Facing Failure
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So if you've got $200,000... I won't say give it to Salon. They obviously don't know how to effectively handle their money.
Give it to *me*.

White House Scales Back Cyberspace Plan
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I'm just glad that someone in the Bush administration took a little time to rethink themselves on this one.
Maybe they just figured out the costs, monetary and people-wise, to some of their bigger campaign contributors and decided it wasn't worth it to piss off most of the american common folk *and* the monied interests who'd gotten them there.

Ooh.. and this:"He described companies who sell consumer Internet connections without firewalls as akin to "selling cars without seat belts.""
That just reminded me of me and John at work having a conversation about Pete Townsend, child pornography, firewalls and basic security. I said something about someone looking the type to horde child porn. John said something about Pete Townsend. Rhiannon asked who that was. We explained. She asked what that had to do with child porn. We explained. John said "Pete should have had a better firewall." Which I sort of disagree with, if I understand the nature of firewalls, their purpose, and how Townsend was tracked. I don't think it would have done him any good, really, since they weren't trying to remotely access his computer for information... but I didn't bring that up then because John's one of those guys who's always right and I'd rather shrug than get into one of those conversations with him.
She then asked what a firewall was, and if she should have one, and how can you tell if you do?
John got all paranoid on her and said something to the effect of 'if you don't have a firewall, they can just get ya'.

hehe.. this is the chick who didn't understand that you can open up and clean out a computer case.

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This Strong Bad email just made me laugh hard enough that I had a coughing fit and got all light headed.

Not quite as much as "Tom Waits Impersonations at 2 am" laughing, but ... a hell of a lot of laughing nonetheless.

I'm gonna watch it again!

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How do you decide what it is you want to hold onto for the rest of your life and what you can do without?
You don't.
You just pick and choose and hope for the best.

My father gave me a valentine's day card.
It reads:
"For a fun daughter on Valentine's Day: Awesome and Jiggy and Cool as can be, Solid and Stoked and Da Bomb Diggity! Thrillin' and Chillin' and Jammin' and Phat...
(wait for it...)
Not sure what it means, but I bet you're All That!"

This is quite possibly the most disturbing thing I've ever read. True crime, crime scene forensics, mortician field guides, Danielle Steele be damned. This takes the cake.

I need to find something new to watch or read or .. see or say or be.
heh. Right at the moment I feel like something in a jar of formaldehyde.

I got together all the cds I'm ready and willing to discard. I alphabetized them. Then I wrote them all down. I'll take the list into work and see if anyone there wants things. Whatever is left I might just put up in a few lots on ebay or something. I'm almost loathe to post the list here for all the explaining I'd feel the need to do about what's in it.
Mainly, the things I'm getting rid of are things I liked at one point and don't now... things that were given to me... things that were given to me as jokes... and things that were given to me by people I was dating and that now just serve as reminders of them that I really no longer need. And then there are a few things that I have no *clue* about their origin.

That said... I still dunno if I'll post the list. heh.