March 15th, 2003


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I like adbusters. I like what they do, what they strive for, and their plans (usually).
I just wish they'd stop with this online petition absurdity.
I got an email today saying:
"Dear Jammers,

In spite of opposition from the world - proven in poll after poll -
Bush's oil-thirsty war machine marches on. Feeling frustrated? It's
time to take a new stand and hit Rogue Nation USA exactly where it
counts - right in the economy. It's time to Boycott Brand America.

Are you ready? The Boycott Brand America pledge is already up at - check in to sign it, find out more, and help
circulate the pledge. Let's build this boycott into an international
mass action on par with the peace marches!

Once you've signed, we'll keep in touch as thousands of others add
their consumer clout to reel in the global bully. Get ready for days of
action on oil, fast food, sweatshop labor, the media and more. Got an
idea to share or an action to report? Let us know what you're up to,

More fire!

The Staff & Volunteers at Adbusters"

If you go to you find a petition/pledge type thing to sign that says that by 'signing' you pledge to 'boycott brand america.'
First of all, online signings of crap mean NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. No one pays attention to them but the people who organize them. Second, if you're going to boycott something as least be *specific* in what you're boycotting. What does 'brand america' mean?
Does that mean anything made in america? Does that mean just things that are "in" America but really in Indonesia? Reading for more information on the site, I see that what they consider 'brand america'.
"So we empty the McDonald's, the Niketowns and Hollywood cinemas. We clear out Disneyland. We turn off Fox, CNN and MTV. We shut down Esso and Texaco, Gap and Starbucks.

I don't eat fast food, hate nike, have never been to disneyland or am a big fan of most of their products. I don't want tv. I don't drive a car. I don't shop at the mall. Starbucks is swill.
So yeah... done. This big action on their part is something I do every day, apparently.

And the mail... "oil-thirsty war machine".
Anytime we have issue with that part of the world, this is the cliche they pull out of their ass to be 'scathing' with. Wether it's valid or not doesn't matter. Be creative. Come up with some new ways to dis the Bush, eh?

Things like this just frustrate me. The sentiment is in the right place. The action is way off. They might as well hold an anti-war wet shirt contest (and then sell the videos as "Tree Hugging Hippy Girls Gone Wild").

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Quite possibly the most FULL OF HIMSELF reviewer on IMDB ever.
I know... I know... It's hard to believe. But really... I think he's definitely in the running.

Not only does he discuss the entirety of every plot in every review, but I've spotted two uses of "hitchcock-ian" and a zeal for run on sentences.
His user name is Unemployed Critic.

About Adaptation's director, Spike Jonze (this is not a spoiler, does not reference plot or action in the movie in any way or it would be behind a cut. trust me) :
Jonze is a visualist, with an endless bag of tricks at his disposal to sell the images created by Kaufman. But that's where his talents end. It's easy to be charmed by Jonze's impish creativity, but I've yet to see the man tell a story that didn't involve shallow tricks, even in his long and industrious career as a music video director. Jonze and Kaufman are a match made in heaven, as Kaufman needs gimmicks to get through his stories, and Jonze needs the stories to sell some more gimmicks. It doesn't get any better than that. But with `Adaptation,' Kaufman is growing as a screenwriter, and taking more chances. And Jonze is still trying to skirt by with camera tricks and goofball sentimentality.

So really, fuck him right in the ass.