March 16th, 2003


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There's a community on LJ called nonuglies, the whole point of which is for you to post your photos and let people rip you to shreds. Specifically to let this little clique of 'hot chicks' rip you to shreds. If they like you (and they usually don't) you sort of become one of them and then *you* can rip people to shreds. They're incredibly rude about this too.
And there is never a day without at LEAST one post. It's amazing.
This goes right along with the conversation Karl and I had last night about why girls are such fucking sluts these days.
Girls Gone Wild videos sort of say it all. All those chicks more than willing, eager even, to bare it all for a camera.
sowing wild oats, college hijinks, not knowing any better... fuck all that.
I don't buy it.
Lord knows I'm not a prude. But there's nothing alluring or sexy about whores. The only way out and out whores are sexy is if you're thinking about PURELY out and out down and dirty fucking. They're there to make you cum. That's it.
And there are very few people in the world who can honestly say that that's what they're all about all the time. Well, I'm guessing there are very few. I mean... how many frat boys can there really be?
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