March 19th, 2003


(no subject)

- Not enough sleep
- Put my feet on the floor to get out of bed and put BOTH feet into DIFFERENT puddle/piles of kitty puke.
- I'd thought that thinking about those noises and stuff had been part of a dream.
- nothing here I want to eat.
- yesterday, I had the 'on the go and making excuses' lunch of a bottle of water and a Caramello bar.
- yesterday, I also had to actively seek out things to do in the store as my job is done for the week (and has been since about 6:20 Monday morning) and I refuse to go help the planogram team. Because they're lazy and they're all whiners.
- Gotten a little blunt with management "why won't you help the plano team?" "because I don't give a damn about them."
- Can't watch the news.
- Can't read about the impending war.
- Can't really think about any of that or I'm left so angry and hurt feeling that I feel non-functional.
- Spent the afternoon trying to find the volume at which "To Cure a Weakling Child" becomes a noise barrier
- Got my head ripped off by my father last night
- Got a lame half assed apology today.
"sorry for barking at you there, yesterday, buggy"
- And with a really awkward pat on the back thingy too.
- Feeling vaguely oddly queasy.
- it'll pass
- Karl wished me a horrible day. I can't get rid of things until they're broken. I can't make changes until things stop working. I'll use up the very last ounce of a battery, even though I know it's running low. I'll wait until I'm stumbling in the dark before I'll go looking for another candle.
So wish me a horrible day. It's for my own good.

- Good people list today:
Beth (from work)
Keith (from work)
Charlie Browns