March 21st, 2003


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I got out of work early.
Went to the DMV.
Thought I was going to flip.the.fuck.out. at the rank.nasty.cunt. behind the counter. I didn't have what I needed. I had to have another form of identifying document.
So it was off to my high school to get my school transcript, as I wasn't about to join the military or get married for one of the other things on the list. I don't remember this all being this complicated the last time.
And looking up some info... it wasn't. Shit has changed. *especially* since september '01.
But my high school doesn't have anything that far back.
So I had to go to the joint where they warehouse the transcripts. It's going to take 10 business days.
So no more movement on getting a license until then.

I just started crying in the car. Soooo very frustrated at myself. I put things off. I know this. But then I end up fucking myself over in the process. I'm trying really hard not to launch into a full on self deprecation fest.
My mom is trying to help.
She got me a vegetarian wrap thingy from a place I like and then took me to a movie.
Bringing Down The House starts off pretty slow... and it's a little weird watching it in a theatre full of white people... but if you dig Steve Martin (and I do) and Queen Latifa (and I do) then you'd probably dig this.
And Eugene Levy is wunderbar as usual.

I haven't been paying attention to the war or what's going on. I think I should. Seems some things are moving along a hell of a lot faster than I'd anticipated. Rhiannon today said "you know, two soldiers have already died." And I said that I was pretty sure that soldiers died thursday night, before the official ground war started. She said 'oh... well.. you know what I mean."
I'm afraid to put together what it is she might mean.
This guy at work that I'm fond of (he's just this cool little freak boy) is entering the Air Force in a few days. I told him today that he shouldn't go.
He thinks that the war will be over before he's out of basic. ::shrug:: we'll see.

When I was planning on going to sleep last night because I just kept nodding off, I watched Stigmata (it screamed at me from the $10 rack, okay?)instead.
I'd never seen the whole thing. It was what I was expecting, but I liked the style nonetheless.
I'm not as hating me as I was a few hours ago. I want the *feeling* of a hot bath without actually taking a hot bath. Because I'm very comfy in my clothes right now.
So... I need to occupy myself for a few hours. Drink some coffee, I think.
And I should actually call my bank and find out *exactly* what my balance is. The ATM keeps freaking me out with its "available balance" crap. It's not my total... it's just what they'd let me take out right now.

I've got the "aaaaall are welcome... aaaaall are welcome. Step iiinto the light. There is peace in the light" thing from Poltergiest stuck in my head.
great and now I have "god is iiiin his hooooooly teeeeeemPULL... " in there too.

They're talking to these military fucknuts on tv who are upset that they aren't 'getting into the action' because their group/ship/platoon, what have you... hasn't been moved out yet.
TV go off now.

"Teach me to read?"

Yo friends, check this out.
Roscoe's the name and they call me the king
Grandmaster of the chicken and the waffle thing
Now read my lips and, friends, don't miss a word
'Cause the grangmaster's gonna give you the bird.

--Come to Roscoe's for delicious food.
We got the fuel for your attitude.--

Now I'm the baddest D.J. on the fast food scene
And my food's so cheap, you'll lick your plate clean
When I throw down, the ladies all beg,
"Roscoe, let me taste your chicken leg."
C'mon fly girls, and wiggle them there bottoms
"Waffles just pancakes with little squares on 'em"

Now when you salivate and hear Pavlov's bell
Don't go to no place where they serve you ill
Roscoe's, that's the place to be
Just like you see it on the T.V.

C'mon all you homeboys and bring your freaks down
And toss them chicken and waffles around
You may be ugly or smell real funny
My store don't care, 'cause it saves you cash money

--Come to Roscoe's for delicious food
We got the fuel for your attitude
We got the best waffles and cluck
And you get good value for your buck--

I'm convinced that me and Karl are the only people who know of the existence of this movie.
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