March 25th, 2003


(no subject)

Brian hovered over me for quite awhile today. He said "so what's going on?" about 30 times, but never actually said anything about me quitting. He seemed upset. But, well... I dunno what to do about that.

Everyone asked why I didn't just transfer to a store in DC. I told them that while I may end up getting a job at another store up there, I may very well decide I don't want to work for the company anymore. Apparently that was just shocking to people.

Melissa, Josh, Steve, Niven, Eileen, Cindy, Lori, Nick, Adam, David... they all asked for explanation today.
I think I might just record my answer and play it back to save myself the time.

And today I got info about Chick tract stuff and two new free samples (order something from them, you get put on the mailing list).
One of the samples is called "Good Ol' Boys" and is all about the evil of the Masons.

Today, I had the joy of stocking toilet seats.