April 10th, 2003


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Verra large load time. Lots of photos.
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I look around on my last day of work and I was so much more interested in catching these last odd things than just about anything else.

I'm a big weirdo.
But I'm happy with the pictures. ::nods::

lil update.

I'm good.
I'm so very fucking good.

My last day of work was Wednesday.
Tomorrow I have to pick up a check and do an exit interview thingy (it's just filling out a questionaire about your experience at the store.... it's pointless, but I promised Belinda I would do it because she just didn't have the time to do her job yesterday, as she was too wrapped up in kissing her bosses' ass), burn things off of the computer and write down all sorts of instruction type things for my mom. I also have to do a little bit of laundry.
Then I have to make myself sleep instead of staying up like an excited five year old on christmas eve.
Saturday morning I have to get up at a decent hour, run around remembering things that I'd die without having (which is very little, actually) and doing final packing of stuff.
Hopefully my sister and brother-in-law will be here when they said they would (around 10).
Then we'll pack up the truck with my bed, clothes, necessary day to day items and MEEEEEEEEE.
We'll drive up to Annandale and hopefully be there no later than 2pm.
Then we will offload the truck, maybe have lunch, and Bill and Wendy will go away.
The rest... the rest I don't have any worries about.
Because I'll be home.
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