June 16th, 2003


New interesting phrase for the evening...

"Speedy comes with his own gopher."

Just how affective *is* mega dosing on echinacea to stem the tide of an oncoming sickness?
And should I be snorting or freebasing it?

and TheLaughingOne is a TAKEN screen name.
Can you believe it?

I'm outraged.

However EllaQueRie is still available.
I think we may have outsmarted them.

and sharks.


The question(found on some random dingbat's journal poll thingy):

What is your greatest fear?

The Answer:

Rejection and being alone and sharks.


and sharks....

and sharks


(no subject)

It's bizarre the things I've found satisfaction in.
Domestic things. Things that I typically can't stand doing, I'm so pleased with myself over accomplishing.

And the things you think it would be easy to do.. I just can't manage.

I can do laundry all day, get everything folded and hung and tidy and organized, but I can't manage to make myself just flip through the channels on tv.


Karl went to bed a few hours ago. Came right in the door from work (and he'd left early) got home, changed, we talked for about 15 minutes and he was asleep before 6:30.
Pretty damned amazing what you'll find yourself doing for a job.

So I finished up the laundry I'd been doing and I played some diablo II. I've switched over to the probably less exciting game of Spider Solitaire.

I don't know if I'm bored or... what.
I'm not discontent about it, whatever this mood is.
I feel good about my day, about my living situation, about my partner, about my life in general at the moment and the track it's on. It's a good thing, all around. And it's an even better thing knowing that it's good for both of us.
Nothing is perfect. But I never asked for things to be perfect.
I suprise myself on a daily basis with how much I've changed in the last year, the last 6 months, hell.. in the last 6 weeks. I'm not a different me, I'm a better me.
That's not self delusional, butterflies and daisy fields bullshit talking.
It's just true.
I'm happy. It's a completely unatural state for me and I *love* it.

I know I have my ill-wishers, who want things in my life (specifically this move)turn out badly for one reason or another.
It just isn't going to happen they way you wish it would.