June 19th, 2003


you come mmmmm-aaaaaaa

The ground in the yard is just too damned soggy to stand in one spot long enough to do things like trim the bushes or rake out the leaves. It's just one big wet mildewy mess. SO I'm going to have to wait until things try out a little before I attack those things.
But I got rid of a lot of the ivy, the most intrusive and potentially destructive bits, anyway. And I trimmed around the tree in the front so all the sprouts aren't getting in the way of the fact that it's a really damned cool tree.

Unfortunately, the burst of rather strenuous physical labor brought on a migraine which kept me in the dark and wondering things like... why do the cats have to meow so damned loud? Heh.
Then karl gave me an atavan... and everything got better and stayed better all the way up until passing right out without a snuggle or a goodnight. Or at least, none that I remember.

I woke up really late today (around noon) becuase I just couldn't get out of bed. And I've been sort of fuzzy all day thus far.
My head does still hurt a little.. but in such a mild way that it might as well just be sinus issues. The thing that's getting me is the body ache.
After having a rather physically demanding job 5 days a week for 6 months, going to a dead standstill in the exercise department has done me no favors. And my muscles realized this yesterday and are in protest today.
You'd think I was out bench pressing cars.
My shoulders and biceps hate me. My knees and thighs are in extreme protest. My hands are even really pissed at me when I try to type words they deem too long by union standards.
Hate being older than 19. heh.

I've got super evil Tori Amos stuff stuck in my head too. Not that she's bad. I used to really really like her. But I didn't like much of her last couple albums and the ones I liked before I can only associate with things that make me sad or angry. I did a lot of my Tori listening when I really *felt* that music. Any time spent *feeling* like Little Earthquakes isn't exactly a time to look back on nostalgically and I've too much of a connective thing between time/people/things and music to divorce the two and just enjoy "the Happy Phantom" for what it is, ya know?
But soul coughing will make it aaall better.
The only bad things I associate with them are things that I'm HAPPY about escaping. Happy enough that hearing them is a little 'fuck yeah' sort of thing.

anyway... stupor-babble they name is Holly.
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