November 7th, 2003


bless you Jello

(and bless you Fred for playing the original followed immediately by the Disposable Heroes version where you have the joy of hearing Franti try to emulate jello's "uuuuuuuuuber alles")

And it's still relevant....
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Just replace "jerry brown" with "arnold" and well.. you see where I'm going here.

On a very very different note, I'm so very annoyed by those who go out of their way to bash a *faith* (any faith) instead of making the very easy to disern distinction between faith and religion.
Some people adhere to a relgion.
Some people adhere to a faith.
And you can *always* tell the difference. And if you absolutely can't tell the difference (or can't be bothered to make the distinction) then you really aren't qualified to speak on the topic.

I don't like it when anyone shoves their concepts of faith/religion/down my throat and I dislike it even more when it's obvious their own concepts center on misunderstanding, unwillingness to accept, and a general need to to demonize anything they don't personally believe in.

And again... completely different note...

We have chipmunks here.