November 14th, 2003

Evil Evil Woobie


Yesterday becuase of an article on Live Journal Review from the archives there I found this duder who ran into some drama with this complete wreck of a person and her friend, the super duper pile up wreck of a person. I really don't want to do a rehash of everything that was already said, but my take on it is you just don't mess with a DJ's set.

That said, I went and looked at the guy's LJ and some of the stuff there. He talks about electro non stop, but then lists off musicians I'd be hard pressed to define as such and sets himself up as some sort of... expert in the genre, lambasting people for "not really knowing electro"

Anyway, the point of all this is that my asking Karl "okay, now just what *exactly* is electro" led to a really nice discussion about music, during which we talked about influences and what led to what and the feed/eat nature of creative endeavors. It's still amazing to me sometimes (though it really shouldn't be) to have conversations like this with someone where it's just not me trying to explain my position over and over. Because Karl usually just gets what I mean the first time.
Good thing I live with him, eh?

Also, about the review site.. I've been going and reading again as its a nice mental break here and there so I've been leaving it open and just getting to it when I find that I need a moment of... not work. I got pointed there quite awhile ago by kaeren when she noticed that he was doing a review of someone that I used to have problems with.
I don't know what exactly it was that caused me to go back and read it... but it's giving me just the right dose of shadenfreude that I think I needed. He used to be in debate a lot... a community that, (if you've been around for awhile) you know I've gone through my phases of outrage, hate, and troll with. Hell, for awhile there, I ended up posting just to get those comment counts up. So a lot of the people he's reviewing in the early part of things are those that I know from experience are not so bright or who are just flat out assholes. And then there's more.
With LJ there is always more.

I mean.. c'mon.. he brought this to my attention. (I highly recommend reading through the WHOLE thing)
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