December 12th, 2003


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I'm sure that this is the wrong attitud to take... but I'm a little diconcerted by the 'go team', 'in this together', 'give us your faith' stuff on the front page of LJ about invite codes going away.

Pretty much, I expect the site to slow down measurably again. I expect it to be how it was *before* there were invite codes, improved back end or not.. I'd be pretty suprised if it *didn't* happen.
That said, I don't particularly want or need a pep talk about just... accepting and expecteing slow downs and delays and the plea for just bearin with the problems. If I were a free user, sure... maybe.
But I'm not.
I pay for the service.
My account expires in February, and I'm sure I'll renew it. It's cheap and I think I get what I pay for, honestly. I'm not complaining about the service or the cost.
I *am* put off by the 'let's pretend we're a little upstart and need all the community support we can get' attitude that might have been relevant two years ago. But two years ago brad and company were trying desperately to act like anything *but* an upstart and were all business and seriousness about the service.
Pick one, fellas. You're either a real company trying to meet the expectations of a wide and growing consumer base or you're an open source project with no claims to stability or performance. You just can't have it both ways and keep people from screaming at you.
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