January 12th, 2004


holy crap

So I'm flipping channels on tv... something I don't usually do. We watch things we've specifically programmed to be recorded because there just isn't much on tv that we find very interesting. Well just a bit ago, I stumbled onto an MTV hits channel.
I know MTV is crap... but I'm horribly gaddamned stunned.
First of all... I had heard about but not heard No Doubt's remake of It's My Life

WHAT UTTER SHIT, providing the evidence yet again that Gwen Stephanie is capable of ... *interesting* .. vocalizations, but can't actually sing all that well without just sounding like an upset asthmatic. Well, okay, I've never been a fan of No Doubt and their "ska influenced" shite, so there is a strong possibility of bias there, especially after hearing some of their live stuff and realizing that most of the decent sounds she managed a few years ago were HEAVILY produced.
But c'mon... it freakin sucks.

Then there is this song by someone called Eamon. I honestly thought it was a parody and I was waiting for the Farelly brothers brand wackiness to ensue.. but it didn't. The dude is serious. I just pray he's usually rapping and not usually trying to croon because he's SO bad. SO so bad. And he's not really attractive either. Not even in that greasy, overly dressed, shoes match the tracksuit sort of way. (He was wearing a color I can only describe as 'pumpkin')

The song is called Fuck it
Here's a sample... picture it in like... "please don't go girl" style soft new kids on the block type music...

Collapse )
Though I must admit I found it refreshing to hear someone in a song say (basically) "you cheated on me, you're skanky, I have no interest in you now" instead of the shit I heard just before this with Monica doing the whole "I don't know what I did wrong to make you want to cheat on me" thing.
Dunno, maybe it was a remake of a Billie Holiday song and I just couldn't discern that through all the "dodge the note" scale hoping that passes for R&B singing these days.

Anyway, the cherry on top of my little look into MTV land was something I didn't stay in the room for called Suga Suga by something called "Baby Bash and Freaky J" who were talking to each other in "foshizzle mah nizzle" talk AND THEY WERE SERIOUS.

Vein poppity.

So uhm... how are you guys?
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