January 16th, 2004


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as I just told Karl, I took a nap with the puppy. I had dreams about wars and races on tracks through cities like cable cars, but as fast as the super train in Tokyo.

and also, "kay" backwards is "yak" ::nods::

Mika has hiccups again, so I'm off to calm her down and then keep her entertained until my very sweet Karl is home.
I'm having one of those moments where I realize and appreciate just how damned lucky I am to be here, with him, the cats, the dog, and to have this life. Saturday Today, actually, will be nine months here, nine months together, and though that may not seem like very long... it's nine months of being happy with each other every single day. No sleeping on the couch. No seething quietly. No disagreement lasting longer than the talking it out. And never a day when I don't wake up knowing that being here is better than being anywhere else I could be, because this is where Karl is.
I've never been happy every day for 9 months in a relationship before. So it just feels like an achivement, when in fact, it's involved little to no work at all, because we just fit like that.

It's excellent.

okay, gush over.
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