January 22nd, 2004


I'm left with quizes

Since I cannot seem to find any concise, unbiased opinions on the candidates up for presidential election this year, I ended up taking this lil quiz. It isn't presented by any particular party and covers all the possible candidates, asking you your stance on a wide range of issues and then telling you what candidate best suits your ideals.

This is how my list goes

Kucinich 100%
Sharpton 95%
Kerry 88%
Dean 84%
Clark 79%
Edwards 78%
Lieberman 65%
Bush 3%

Which I think is interesting, considering that I actually *like* Al Sharpton as a candidate, and think he has a lot of merit that so often gets lost behind his track suit, lambastic, race card playing image.
Kucinich I actually know nothing about. And really, all I know about Dean is that he apparently talks a good deal (and is easier on the eyes than Kerry, who I applaud for calling Bush an asshole without apology).

This doesn't really answer any of my questions, but I thought it was an interesting exercise. I think that campaign talk is bullshit for candidates who've held office before, as their voting record is a much more accurate portrayal of their ideals.
Of course, given my cynicism toward the political process, I find it hard to believe that there is much of a difference at all between any of these people at the core.


EDIT: actually, Kucinich is the only one out of him, Dean, Kerry, Edwards, and Clark to oppose American involvement in NAFTA. How the HELL do these other democrates see NAFTA as a good thing? I'm sure he won't end up the candidate, but I don't think I could support people who support NAFTA.