January 28th, 2004


dear LORD

I just got my exercise for the month.. shovelling the driveway and sidewalks in front of the house. The 5 inches of snow plus sheet of ice plus snow on top is freaking *HEAVY* and I just don't have the massive upper body strength I used to. The thing is, my back and arms don't really hurt... it's my *hands* guuuh they're just killing me.
Holly will be sleeping with Madame Flexeril this evening.

The funny thing though is the way that it brought out the retired old men of the community. About halfway through I noticed other shovelling noises and discovered that slowly the snotty old guys who live around us coming out one by one to shovel their driveways or unearth their cars.
Well, they aren't all snotty. The next door guy to the right is fine. Even talks to the dog and says hi to me when he notices that I'm outside. And I don't really know the rest of them, but I just don't get a warm happy vibe exactly.
It felt... competitive. Couldn't be shown up by the girl.
But I might just be reading that into it.

Lookit me, the queen of magnanmity.

Also, I left Mika in the house alone for about half an hour and the only damage was a little happy pee when I opened the door for her to come back out.