March 19th, 2004


(no subject)

Uninstalling firefox becuase it failed to initial properly over and over also wiped out the ENTIRE directory it was installed it, which included a few apps I use daily and a lot of things from when this machine was Karl's main machine.

That wasn't great.

I'm obsessed with movies still. Recommend something to me that has no connection to Tom Hanks, Renee Zellwegger or Tom Cruise. Preferrably something nothing like "Remains of the Day" or "The Fast and The Furious". We have Tomeii and Cure (or "Kyua" as the spine of the box says)to watch this weekend. Karl has shelves full of Japanese/Chinese/typical "Hong Kong Cinema"/Kung Fu and period piece epics, icluding some horror and lots of Kurosawa that I haven't seen.

I've done a metric ASSLOAD of absolutely nothing today. Read a little mail. That's about it. I *should* be pulling numbers, getting a start, getting ahead of things... but I'm not. I'm sitting here wondering if I should make another pot of coffee because I don't think the first one had any effect.
Either that or having the coffee plus a stacker cancelled out the coffee effects. Which makes no sense. But well, hey... neither does David Lynch...

I'm feeling (unfortunately) *wacky* today. I feel very jokey. I feel annoying.