March 24th, 2004


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Apparently getting up and out for the first excursion before 7 am means the dog will be HYPER. not just hyper. But HYPER.

Karl is spending the day in Ohio for work. He flew out this morning (or rather will fly out shortly) on one of those commuter hop planes... the tiny little props. He'll be there all day and come back these evening between 9:00 and 10:00. So really, not too far off from a normal work day.

My studies are nightmares right now. Yesterday was a day of answering the most bizarre questions, stopping hostilities, and trying to get my computer to stop shutting down because of overheating. It's *bad* when a CPU is running close to 60°c.
Currently the case is open and there is a fan blowing on the contents until we can get some newer, more powerful fans.

I feel more than a little overwhelmed by everything right at the moment, but that's more to do with me feeling like I can't do it (when I know damned well I can) than with anything that's actually overwhelming. This happens in the middle of a study. I've done it all before, I'll do it all again.

Last night we watched Tomie, which was interesting and pretty neat throughout until those last ten minutes where it just becomes "huh?"

This wasn't stunning cinema to begin with, but at least it was visually interesting and entertaining. The end though... wow... it's like they just gave the end to a different writer who had nothing to do with the rest of the movie, hadn't read the rest of the script, and was more or less playing Exquisite Corpse with the thing. That was sort of dissapointing. Especially since I already know there's a sequel out... wonder if that's any more coherent.

There was some pretty disturbing music in it though, and it wasn't even your typical disturbing 'incoherent in the english subtitles' japanese pop. It was just really fucking scary sounding. I don't want to read the IMDB boards about it, but probably will seeing if anyone else has a clue. I can't even imagine what they'll have to say. Probably complain about the subtitles, wish it was dubbed, complain that it was slow and that there wasn't enough gore.
Or they'll draw some very very highbrow conclusions from this as a statement about japanese culture (which westerners seem to think ALL japanese movies do).

I should do some work before my body realizes that it is WAY too early and decides it's time for a nap.

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I didn't read IMDB... but I did read some things on Netflix reviews when looking for movies they don't have (if it's based on Junji Ito Manga, they don't have it) and found this movie called Red Cherry, apparently about World War 2, set in China, chronicling war attrocities. Some reviewers liked it a lot. Others felt it was passable... this guy said:
"A decent enough film with adequate plot development considering the story content. It was your typical formulaic propaganda piece about the "devil Nazis". Hey, that deviant, criminal gang is easy to document and hate. They've been the grist of so many movies. What I'm patiently waiting for is someone with the courage to outline the systematic slaughter by the Soviets and Chinese of their citizens and near neighbors. Also how about a film on the Hutu-Tutsi slaughter, (900,000) that Our Prez Clinton could have prevented with the dispatch of 5-10,000 of our troops. "Red Cherry" does provide adequate entertainment and artistic value."

mmkay. lil too political... a lil too glib... way too dismissive of the actual horror of Nazi-ism... maybe it's a kid who doesn't know any better. Collapse )

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Having the very very nice, very old, very english as a second language Japanese neighbor come out and talk to me immediately after yelling "MIKA DON'T EAT THE CAT POOP, DAMMIT!" was...good... I suppose. Especially since he was still being nice after she did the hackles up, growling, loud "big dog voice" bark at him repeatedly.

Now there is a relationship in place for when she decides to bark at him from the window when he's out in his garden this spring.

Though in a way it might have been more satisfying to yell "ROKUSABARO MICHIBA DON'T EAT THE CAT POOP, DAMMIT!" and would probably have the same effect on the neighbor and the dog.

I can't even like hating it...

"How come when take what you want from a store, its called shoplifting...but if you take what you want from a person its called rape? I just want to shoplift some booty. I'd bring it back in the original packaging once I'm done with it. I promise."

What a disgusting prick. That in conjunction with the cavalcade of HNGs trying to be cute just made something pop in my brain.