March 26th, 2004


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Ahhhh dear lord...America just sucks.

Can't get this here, hasn't been released and probably won't be. You can't get the discs from the previous ones either.
(click "bande annonce" for the trailer... it's subtitled but spoken in english)
I've been hoping to find the Coffee and Cigarettes series for a long time now and this just further squashes my hopes.
At least Blue in the Face was on Laserdisc.
Just seeing the clip makes me want to find another smoking friendly cafe (they're really hard to find these days)and drink coffee til 3 am, sitting at rickety tables with pointless 15 watt bulbs in the lamps, chain smoking camel wides...

This won't come out here because people in general don't dig art house stuff, it's plotless, not even 'skit' like, it's in black and white, and how many people my age actually know of and can appreciate Tom Waits sharing smokes and coffee with Iggy Pop. Very few.

This ties in well I think with the "Down by Law is a fun romp" thing I read the other day.
People in general are idiots. But we Americans are *super* idiots.

GO on. Deny it.
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