April 14th, 2004


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I'm having a major 'nice girls can't complain' thing right now. Karl keeps trying to convince me that I am actually allowed to say whatever I want, but well, it doesn't feel that simple.
I take being nice to the extreme of being a rug so that sometimes I forget that I don't have to. The thing is, I don't expect anyone else to be that nice to me... and I'm usually not pleasantly surprised.

If you saw something on my journal and then it wasn't there anymore, the nice girl thing would be why. It's hard to complain about things when you don't feel like you're allowed to, and are therefore incredibly defensive about what you do manage to say. However, I do want to thank kaeren for always being honest and thoughtful, especially when it matters most.

My face hurts like I was punched from the still raging grossness that Karl has now picked up as well.

I can't focus on work any more so I have to just give up for the night. Though I do want to load up a game and play it on my brand spanking new monitor (an early anniversary gift for the girl who stares at a computer 16 hours a day and who's eyes suffer for it). It's tiny, bright, clear, and it takes up about 1/4 of the space the CRT did.

I don't think I've mentioned how incredible my dog is lately. She is. She is just SO sweet. We got lucky with her in the first place, and the attention I can afford to give her by working at home has just taken the sweetness and made it better. She's attentive, well behaved, and very happy. Nothing better than a dog who wakes up from a nap and is so happy just to see that you're still in the room with her that she wiggle dances for 10 minutes and buries her head in your lap. She's a couple inches shorter in the shoulder and a few inches shorter length wise than Steph and Andre's full grown yellow Lab and she just turned 6 months at the beginning of April. Given that the vet says she'll probably grow for another 8 months, we can expect a huge dog. Good thing she's as sweet as she is.

I've never had a dog before so the prospect of having one from a puppy and sort of shaping their behavior scared the piss out of me. But I apparently needn't have worried.
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