April 26th, 2004


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I scrolled down through the rest of the .nfo file for the crack I was using for a game... I had to remove most of the interesting "hey looks looks cool" coding becuase the filligree kinda missed the point and obscured most of the actual text.

now, you are a part of the game, too. all your personal qualities
have been logged and u can't exit untill your death. its game of
information... someone call it illegal, someone can't agree with it
or tries to deny it, it makes one disappoint, or happy, but cracking
force exist without asking for your opinion. the crime of the most
enthusiasts is that of curiosity, is that of reversing, is that of
willing to know 'how it must be'. and they explore... they change
bytes, they unpack, debug and analyze those 'uncrackable routines'
you can't even imagine, and it gives them pleasure, it gives them
knowledge...Collapse )