May 16th, 2004


Outdated, but thought provoking

"This fantasy that Reagan ended the Cold War doesn't take in all sorts of other aspects of the fall of the Soviet Union. Osama bin Laden thinks he brought it down by similarly draining the Soviets of their resources in their ill-fated war in Afghanistan. Bin Laden thinks he will bring down the U.S. the same way, and it's definitely something to think about, the way the Bushies are pissing away U.S. fiscal integrity for their wars."

I've seen the "Ronald Reagan won the Cold War" thing all over the place and have never understood how that claim was even made. It was the arms race? Really? I never took the arms race to be a cunning plan, but a huge military spending fest for Reagan and crew.
Could it really be that he was being *clever* and not simply a little boy with big toys?

I just don't buy it.