July 7th, 2004


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I just don't like people anymore. It's gotten worse over the last few months, really. I just don't see the point most of the time. And when I do, I've invariably seen this routine before so I just sit back, wait for the axe to fall, and then can't even be bothered to take pleasure in the "I told ya."

I've been pretty damned cranky more often than not lately. Part of that is just work, which is always its own brand of annoying, and part is that I'm getting married before the end of the year. There are a lot of loose threads, things I avoid thinking about, things I want to have a clean slate for. I want to get certain bills paid up and at the same time I want to stop waiting for the other shoe to drop for the rest of my life.

Mika is downstairs either barking at the half dead, still floating around balloon, or the very nice backyard neighbor who is very very good at ignoring her. I'm always really embarassed when she starts barking at him when he's out there doing something. A few weeks ago he spent a few hours in the morning building a bamboo trellis/ cage for the tomato plants to keep them upright and never so much as looked at Mika the whole time she was barking.

Explain to me why someone like gigglecam has over 700 friends on their list. Is this because we read what we can handle, not what we like? Or do people dig it?

I like reading personals sometimes.

This is one of the best I've ever seen.

I am a single Christian black 36 year old SSBBW (super size big beautiful woman), who resides in Oklahoma with my special needs 4 year old adopted little boy. I am ISO a serious and sincere LTR with a single Christian man between the ages of 35-45 who is at least 6'0" tall and who weighs at least 200lbs. He must not smoke, drink, use drugs, or profanity. And he must be family-oriented as well as mentally, emotionally and financially stable. Please no gameplayers, inmates, or abusers. I am not looking for a sexual relationship. Only serious men respond and please send a PIC if possible.

You set that bar and you set it high, miss lady.