August 27th, 2004


(no subject)

I came into the studio today and ended up shutting down my computer (not using it yet. 64 bit windows has issues with an incredible number of software apps including a few I absolutely need in order to work every day).

I think that some of the heatshirink from the wires or the sheathing or something is touching something hot in there. It stinks like burnt plastic in here.

That's always just a scary smell.

Gmail invites.

Hey, do any of you who regularly read this (random passersby searching LJ for offers are gonna be ignored, sorry) want a Gmail invite?
I have 5 right now to pass around. You can send your info my my lj account ( if you want one.

Before anyone asks, yes, I have a gmail account that I'm using for LJ comments coming in. I don't particularly like it and I still have basic issues with the whole "scanning your inbox for buzzwords to target ads at you" thing. The whole "conversation" set up and the fact that I can't just organize things into folders the way I want but have to apply labels to everything and search for things is annoying. However, I work with internet technology software stuff so having a good idea about Gmail well before the inevitable study concerning it pops up is a good thing. Same reason I have a real player and rhapsody account and have downloaded and installed Netscape's free radio player thingy.

Sooo yeah. invites.