October 1st, 2004


We watched the debate like it was the super bowl

We went out and got chips. We got salsa. We got cider. We regularly had to pause the debate (thanks replay tv) becuase I needed to rant. Or becaues Bush made some bizarre little face. Or we just had to hoot at his bald faced ANGER at having Kerry stand there and tell him he was wrong, tell him he made bad decisions, repeatedly say that he mislead the people of this country. He was like a pissy teenager. He was annoyed, mugging, figetty. He drank glass after glass of water. He looks like a fool. His points were circular, and honestly pointless. It's like someone gave him a list of phrases and he used them at random like magnetic poetry.

I was very disappointed in Kerry as the "only choice" candidate. I was very disappointed that he hadn't taken any opportunity to even attempt to differentiate himself from Bush. The only thig I did like about him is that back when he was a nominee for candidacy (along with the other .. what... 40. 50 of them?) he talked to Rolling Stone magazine and in the article referred to Bush as an asshole. He never retracted that statement, never apologized, and told the press he had no intention of going back on what he'd said.

Bush repeatedly said Kerry was "changing his position on the war" that he was "wishy washy" and that his "core beliefs" continued to change. Between that and his mantra of the evening "Freedom in Iraq is vital to American security" , his avoidance of EVERY question he was asked, and his obvious discomfort at being on stage in a defensive position against Kerry who was all attack right from the beginning it was *incredible*.
It really was.
I wasn't impressed with Kerry. I am now.

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This is what's wrong with blind idealism and political self labelling:

"I know a lot of people in this community had no intention of watching the debate, and I can't say I blame them. Many of us are either voting libertarian or not voting at all, and rightly so."

And rightly so...
"a directionless voice or mute. hear hear."

For the lower level offices I totally concur with this idea of sticking by your ideals and voting in candidates who are not part of the traditional two party system. It works. And it's the only way to EVENTUALLY have a non republican, non democrat candidate as a VIABLE contender for president. But, man, way to ensure that you are ignored by the system through your own desperate clinging to self imposed boundaries.

We're just stupid, ya know. I don't mean just Americans becuase the English and the Australians are just as fucking stupid with thier blind party loyalties as we are. I mean humans.
We're just fucking dumb.